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Built up in 1981, Cosmo Films Limited is one of the worldwide pioneers and makers of Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene Films (BOPP). Cosmo manufacturing capabilities are supported by a state-of-art R & D Lab recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Cosmo also own a captive power plant in Aurangabad and Karjan to ensure uninterrupted power supply. In 2008, Cosmo was awarded "Top exporter award" by Dun & Bradstreet under the large Indian exporters' category. Cosmo have won several awards for innovation viz. PFFCA, Asia Star etc. Cosmo has received ISO 9000 certification, accredited by American Institute of Baking (AIB), and British Retail Consortium (BRC) Certification for Safety and Hygiene of Food related products.

Cosmo Polypropylene Film Range

Packaging Films
Heat Sealable Properties Applications Type of Films
- Exceptional opacity
- Excellent visual display
- High yield
- Seal Reliability
Temperature range used for heat sealable film lies between 40 to 204 degrees Celsius
- Printing and lamination
- Confectioneries packaging
- Overwrapping
- Metalized
- Pigmented
- Pouch/Lidding
- Overwraps/Twist Wrap
- Antifog
Non-heat sealable films - Suitable for High Speed Machinability
- Good Ink Adhesion
- Excellent Optical properties
- Good aroma barrier
- Reverse Print & lamination
- Flower wrap
- Tape grade
- Textile Over wrap
- Metalized
- Pigmented
- Clear Films

Label Films
BOPP Label Properties Applications Type of Films
- Provides an elegant and well-finished look to your product.
- Pearlised BOPP is opaque in nature and is helpful for those products, which are colored and could interfere the design of the label.
- The labor machine need not be operated manually and can be hassle-free since the machines are automated.
- Mineral water bottles
- Shampoo bottles
- Perfume bottle
- Pharma Industries
- Medicine Liquid bottles
- Clear film
- Opaque film
- Metallised film
- In-mold label
Lamination Films
Print Lamination Properties Applications Type of Films
- Low static charge
- Excellent machinability
- High yield, low density
- Excellent wetability
- High speed lamination
- Calendars
- Carton
- Photo albums                     
- Book covers
- Magazines
- Gloss film
- Matte film
- Silky Matte film

Industrial Films
P.S Tape films Properties Applications Type of Films
- Excellent transparency and gloss
- Excellent anchorage to pressure sensitive & adhesive inks.
- Excellent machinability
- Good printability
- Back treatment free
- Pressure sensitive tapes
-Textile overwrap
- Clear film