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 Suzhou Omay Optical Materials Co.,Ltd

Suzhou OMAY Optical Materials Co., Ltd., is the largest polycarbonate film and sheet production base in China that comprised of R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. Over the years, Omay have receives more than 50 national patents with products exported to more than 60 countries and regions. Omay polycarbonate film & sheet has ten series, more than 200 varieties of products, been widely used in optical electronics, flat panel displays, medical equipment, high-speed railway, aircraft, automotive parts, LED lighting, security, anti-counterfeiting, images printing, etc.


Omay Polycarbonate Film Range


General Grade Properties Applications Thickness (mm) Remarks
- High transparent 
- Both sides covered by protective film
- Semitransparent
- High scratch resistance
Toy models, helmets, name plates, monitor display, speedometers, Membrane switches, control panel      0.125 - 4.000 Roll / Sheet form
Optical Grade PropertiesApplicationsThickness (mm)Remarks
- High transparent
- Very few fisheyes
- Very slight gear mark
Plated mirror, HC treatment 0.500 - 4.000Sheet form 

Fire-Resistance Grade Properties Applications Thickness (mm) Remarks
- High transparent
- Environmental protection
- High temperature retardant
- Fire retardant
- Insulation property 
Windows, Electronic insulation products
0.250 - 4.000
Roll / Sheet form

V-0, VTM-2, VTM-0
Halogen-Free Fire-Resistance - Fire retardant
- Insulating property 
 Electronic insulation products
0.100 - 0.760 
Surface FunctionalizedPropertiesApplicationsThickness (mm)Remarks
- Hard coated on surface
- Colorless transparent 
- Surface hardness: HB ~ H
Display screen0.300 - 4.000Sheet form